The Digital Fabrication Laboratory of The Department of Architecture in T.U.C. is a research and teaching platform focused on materializing structures and scale models from digital files. It is addressed to students of Architecture, Architects and anyone interested in making things. Digital fabrication technologies make the construction of non standard elements feasible, without extra cost. The Laboratory promotes innovation through the dissemination of knowledge. It is addressed to the students of the Technical University of Crete and the open public through research projects.

Latest Topics

30-6-2011: Opening of Exhibition and final presentation of the course "Associative design and manufacturing" at the Faculty of Architecture Technical University of Crete. The exhibition is held at the School's lobby and is open to the public. [link]

31-8-2011: Presentation of "Associative design and manufacture" in the International Conference "Rethinking the human in Technology Driven Architecture" , Chania 30-31/8/2011, organized by ENHSA. Alexandros Vazakas, Lecturer. [link]