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Rigos Iakovos

Assistant Professor

Architectural Technology

Short biographical note

Born in Athens, 1951.
Architectural Degree, Hochschule fur bildende Kunste, Dusseldorf.
Architectural Degree, Technische Universitat Berlin.
He worked as an Architect in Architectural Design firms in Germany and in Austria.
Research associate at BSB-Berlin for the development of lightweight energy-efficient structural systems (1978-1980). He established private practice in Athens in collaboration with Architect E. Tsirigotis (1982 - to-date), involved in design of residential and commercial buildings, in interior design and in design and construction of building equipment and accessories in steel, as well as of specialized steel structures. He has developed and manufactured in own Workshop structural steel systems using rationalized manufacturing procedures combined with enhanced aesthetics of the end products. He was head designer and supervising engineer for the Apollo Epicourios Temple Rescue Project, in Vassai, Peloponnese (1985-1988).
The Project comprised: the erection of an earthquake-resisting demountable pre-fabricated scaffolding system, the erection of a lightweight protective stressed-membrane canopy (1987), the compilation of “as is” and of reconstruction drawings of the Temple.
He won 1st prize in a closed architectural competition hosted by the National Research Foundation for the design of a “Demountable, self-packing, transportable Exhibition Building”. The design was patented by the Industrial Property Organization (2001). He taught the subject of “Industrial Drawing” at the German College of Graphic Arts (1992). His completed works and architectural designs have appeared in various publications. He has participated in Painting and Design Expositions.
He designed (2003) and constructed (2006-2007) an experimental steel residential building using new systems and high-tech materials ensuring a high degree of passive thermal insulation.
He is Assistant Professor of Architectural Technology in the Dept of Architecture of the Technical University of Crete (2004 – to-date).


Research Interests

  • An energy self-sufficient building.
  • Associations between architectural and industrial technologies.
  • Associations between hand-made and industrial products.
  • Association of technology and form in vehicles and in means of transportation.

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