Undergraduate Studies

School of Architecture - Technical University of Crete

Planning smart cities

This course aims at planning urban space through the logic of smart cities with a focus on incorporating modern technologies into the function of the city. The main objective is to familiarize students with the basic principles and concepts related to smart city, and to understand the role of digital information, communication and innovation in urban planning.
The course is structured on the basis of a series of lectures aimed at presenting the theoretical and methodological background on smart cities, studying and critically analyzing examples of best practices from European and international cities, and at the same time elaborating a topic on proposals for the application of smart technologies in a case study. Emphasis is placed on understanding the wider dimension of today's use of state-of-the-art technologies in urban areas, affecting issues such as the city's economic function, transport system sustainability, participatory planning and governance, modernization in public and social provision. services, etc., shaping a new framework of possibilities for urban planning.




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