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School of Architecture

Technical University of Crete

School of Architecture

The School of Architecture was founded in July 2004 (Law 3255, Official Journal 138/22.07.2004).


The School aims at educating and high training in a wide spectrum of knowledge covering subjects in art, technology and science, connecting theory and design. According to its founding law its mission is the cultivation and promotion of knowledge through teaching and research in the scientific fields of architecture, urban design and planning, architectural technology, preservation and restoration of monuments, as well as the environmental-ecological dimension of architectural design.
The Program of Study covers the above subject areas with courses in Architectural Design, Urban design and Planning, Digital Technologies in Architectural Design, History and Theory of Architecture and Art, Landscape Architecture, History of City and Urban Design, Architectural Technology, Visual Arts, Restoration of Buildings. It is also supplemented with general knowledge from physical and social sciences. Moreover, students can attend optional courses in the School as well as in other university Schools.

The School currently employs 21 appointed and 2 elected members of academic staff.

Professional Rights

The professional rights of Architects Engineers are guaranteed by the Law 4663/1930 (Official Journal 149Α).

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