Postgraduate Studies

School of Architecture - Technical University of Crete

Postgraduate degree in “Space, Design and Culture” 

TUC School of Architecture is located in Chania, a city that, due to its architectural heritage from the Minoan era until today, and due to its particular natural environment constitutes a priviledged location for architectural studies, operating as a research laboratory for the city, architecture and landscape. More specifically, the geographic location of the city of Chania offers the potential for spatial approaches concerning the Mediterranean basin as a whole. The city’s historic palimpsest comprises monuments from the Minoan civilization, Roman and Venetian era and from the period under the rule of the Great European powers in Crete. As a result of these historical processes, Chania have kept a cosmopolitan, and multicultural character. Moreover, the city’s interest is reinforced due to the very particular dialogue between natural heritage and cultural landscape. All these characteristics have led to a wide discussion about listing natural and cultural monuments of the region in the Unesco Catalogue. Nowadays, tourism as a main economic activity has a great impact to the city and the way cultural heritage is perceived. Phenomena such as overtourism, loss of identity, natural resources depletion are the subject of a discourse between the stakeholders, local authorities and university. TUC School of Architecture has established collaborations with Chania Municipality, Prefecture of Crete, Ministry of Culture, the Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE) and private enterprises in the field of research on Heritage and Tourism. 
Within this framework the School of Architecture of the Technical University of Crete, relying on its Academic members’ capacity, has launched from the academic year 2014-15, a Postgraduate Program entitled: "Space, Design and Built  Environment" with two options: 

A maximum of forty (40) submissions per year are accepted at the Postgraduate program. Greek and International candidates must be holders of a first degree University diploma (Bachelor) by National or Approved International institutions: 
a) Graduates of Architecture Schools and other fields of technical studies 
b) Graduates of Departments of Archeology, Art History and Art.
The duration of the Postgraduate Program is two years. The curriculum includes four free-choice postgraduate modules, two per semester, two thematic workshops, one per semester, combining modules from the same option and one Research Methodology Studio, for one semester. The second year includes the master thesis. A part of the courses 
The educational process is enriched with lectures by invited speakers, academic and professional experts as well as institutional and private stakeholders. At the same time, workshops in collaboration with other European Architecture Schools and field trips  are organized. Course attendance is compulsory.  All courses are taught in Greek and English.

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