Protection, valorization and conservation of Monuments and Sites

Option B - Postgraduate studies

Option B: "Protection, valorization and conservation of Monuments and Sites"

The Master “Protection, valorization and conservation of Monuments and Sites” provides students with the necessary knowledge to document historic buildings, settlements and cities, in relation to their natural surroundings. In order for the students to be able to take a position between different historical approaches regarding the management, preservation and highlighting of the architectural heritage of each historic period, successful contemporary practices in the international field are analyzed.

Specific scientific fields as history, architecture morphology, aesthetics, construction and cutting- edge technology contribute to general issues related to the protection of the historic built environment at different scales (architecture, city, region). Interdisciplinarity enables students to develop modern methodologies for the “integral” protection of architectural heritage within the context of sustainability.
The above issues are equally approached in theory and praxis. Emphasis is placed on the research and exploitation of advanced technology in the field of digital systems and innovative materials and structures.

The Master also aims to equip postgraduate students with an understanding of the approaches to managing tourists and planning for sustainable tourism development at World Heritage Sites and to develop a critical approach to the co-existance of tourism and heritage, tangible and intangible.


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