Doctoral studies

School of Architecture - Technical University of Crete

Doctoral studies

The School of Architectural Engineering of the Technical University of Crete has been operating since 2010 a Doctoral Program. 

Each year the School announces a limited number of PhD candidates. Interested applicants should apply to the Graduate Studies Office of the School in accordance with the relevant notice posted on the School and university's website. Alternatively, candidates may submit applications, mentioning the scientific area in which they are interested as well as a thesis  title.

For each Doctoral Candidate is appointed by the General Assembly of the School's a three-member Advisory Committee for his / her supervision and guidance, which, in collaboration with the candidate, determines the subject of the thesis. The Advisory Committee, in collaboration with the candidate, submits a progress report to the General Assembly of the School at the end of each year from its designation. All of the above are necessary conditions, in accordance with the current legislation, for the abidance in the active Doctoral Theses of the School. The candidates have all the rights and benefits of both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The time frame for the dissertation cannot be less than three (3) and not more than six (6) full calendar years from the date of appointment of the three-member advisory committee. The advisory committee, after evaluating the candidate's research work and if it considers that it has been completed, authorizes the dissertation, submitting for approval the final progress report with the final title of the dissertation and the proposal to form the seven-member examination committee. 

For the final evaluation and judgment of the doctoral dissertation is appointed by the General Assembly of the School a seven-member Selection Board. The candidate presents his / her dissertation publicly, upon formal invitation and before the Selection Board, which then judges the originality of the dissertation and whether it is a contribution to science. Following the drafting, signature and filing by the oral test committee, the appointment of the new doctor is carried out as Doctor,TUC from the School's General Assembly. For further information, please contact the Post Graduate Office Ms. Ekaterini Malli.

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