Postgraduate Studies

School of Architecture - Technical University of Crete

Admission of postgraduate students

The candidates may be: graduates of the Schools of Architecture, Civil Engineering, Planning and Regional Development, Urban Planning, Rural and Surveying Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Mineral Resources Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, Chemistry, Archeology, History of Art and Geography from Greek Universities or Technological Educational Institutes and officially recognized foreign equivalent institutions.

Registration requirements - Documents

Applications can be submitted via the online application system ( within a predetermined period of time.

Applicants should attach the following documents:

  1. Copy of diploma or degree
  2. Certificate of accreditation by Hellenic NARIC (for degrees from foreign institutions)
  3. Copy of transcript of studies
  4. A detailed curriculum vitae
  5. Proof of competence in English (and of any other foreign language)
  6. Motivation Letter
  7. Two letters of recommendation (submitted via the online application system)
  8. Any scientific publications of the candidates
  9. Portfolio (for Option A) or assignments folder (for Option B), which will     endorse their special abilities and their suitability for the postgraduate program

Criteria and selection process

The main selection criteria of new postgraduate students are: portfolio (for Option A) or assignments folder (for Option B), the transcript of diploma or degree, as well as the performance in courses related to the subject of the Postgraduate Studies Program. Additional criteria are competence in foreign languages (mainly English language), any scientific publications and related professional activity, letters of recommendation and the candidate’s personality (an interview is mandatory).

The ranking order is calculated on a scale from 0 to 10 by rating the following items: a) Portfolio (Option A X 3,5) or assignments folder (Option  B X 1), b) Grade degree  (Option A X 1.5, Option  B X 1,5) c) additional master's degree (Option A X 1, Option  B X 1), d) relevance of research and professional work (Option A X 1, Option  B X 3,5), e) relevance of undergraduate studies (Option A X 1,5, Option  B X 1,5), f) publications ((Option A X 0,5, Option  B X 0,5 g) recommendation letters (Option A X 0,5, Option  B X 0,5), h) foreign languages ( Option A X 0,5, Option  B X 0,5) and i) Interview (Option A X 1, Option  B X 1). If two candidates reach the same score, priority is given to the candidate with the highest degree grade.

After the interview, the Postgraduate Studies Committee submits to the Departmental Assembly a fully justified report on the rank of all candidates.

Candidates are graded according to the following scale: (1): not acceptable, (2):  acceptable, (3): acceptable under certain conditions.

Further details are included in the Regulation of Studies.

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