Tourism, Culture and the Mediterranean: Contemporary Design Approaches

Option A - Postgraduate studies

Option A: "Tourism, Culture and the Mediterranean: Contemporary Design Approaches"

This option delves into issues of planning and management of space, in the intersection of Culture and Tourism, emphasizing on the Mediterranean basin, where the dipole tourism-culture is particularly strong. The relationship between Culture and Tourism constitutes the core of the research, which focuses on the consolidation between the touristic development and the protection of cultural heritage, all within the context of sustainability.

This postgraduate program provides students with knowledge from different disciplines in order for them to understand the complexity of the touristic phenomenon. This is consistently done in relation to the cultural landscape, anthropogenic and natural, tangible and intangible. Having historically approached the relationship between Culture and Tourism in Greece and the Mediterranean basin constitutes an important axis of the program. This axis includes the use of culture in the development of tourism and vice versa, the possibilities of exploiting tourism to promote cultural values internationally.  Special emphasis is placed on innovative digital technologies.

Phenomena such as hyper tourism and unregulated tourism have led the program research in management methods aiming at the protection of the  cultural landscape, as well as the recovery  of the residential and natural environment quality. 

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