Undergraduate Studies

School of Architecture - Technical University of Crete

History and Theory of Architecture I


Introduction to History&Theory of Architecture – The beginning – Greek and Roman antiquity
The course provides a methodological introduction to historical and theoretical discourse on architecture. Ιt will explore the relation between History – Theory and Practice in the field of architecture. Historiography and the use of sources, methodological approaches of Architectural History, the sense of Monument and Historicity formulate the basis for the approach of each historical period in Architecture. In parallel, the course investigates tools for the adaptation of historical and theoretical knowledge to architectural design, contributing to the formulation of an evaluative system for architecture.

Some of the main topics developed are:
The senses of History & Theory of Architecture and the schools of historiography
The methods of Architectural History– Sources and interpretations – Writing scholarly papers
The beginning of the architectural phenomenon
The sense of Monument and Monumentality
The first civilizations – Architecture: Egypt and Mesopotamia
Architecture of Minoan Crete
Architecture of Mycenaean era
Architecture and city in ancient Greece (archaic, classical and Hellenistic era)
Parthenon and the quest of the ideal type
Archetypical forms and structures in ancient Greek architecture
Rule and transcendence in classical architecture. The visual refinements.
Roman architecture and city



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