Undergraduate Studies

School of Architecture - Technical University of Crete

Technology of Materials

The course aims at introducing students to the knowledge and understanding of the properties and applications of the main building materials. Thus, the structure, composition and properties of materials are correlated with their use in construction. The selection of suitable materials based on their properties and sustainability criteria is explained. Finally, the laboratory part of the course further clarifies the properties of materials, as well as the compatibility between them in a modern construction.
The students, understanding the specific characteristics, cost, energy footprint, durability and physico-chemical and mechanical compatibility of materials, can choose the right combination for use in buildings.
Upon successful completion of the course the student will be able to:
• Understand the key features of the main building materials, as well as their relation with economic criteria and life cycle.
• Acquire knowledge of the tools and techniques used to assess the properties of materials
• Distinguish and appreciate the key roles of materials in construction.

1. Material Structure: Atomic Bonds, Crystal Geometry, Crystal Defects
2. Natural building materials
3. Artificial building materials
4. Binders: Clays, Lime, Hydraulic lime, gypsum, pozzolans, cement
5. Mortar: Air, Hydraulic
6. Metals: iron, steel, copper, aluminum, etc.,
7. Wood and ceramics
8. Insulation materials of inorganic and organic origin
9. Waterproofing materials: bituminous, synthetic resins
10. Polymers and fiber polymers in manufacture
11. Corrosion protection and resistance to sea-salt decay


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