Undergraduate Studies

School of Architecture - Technical University of Crete

Architectural Technology: Building Technology

The objective of this course is the comprehension of the construction design as well as the constructional and technological issues that are connected with the materialization of the architectural design. The educational process is organized in such a way as to understand that construction is not an independent and detached design practice, but it is an integral aspect of architectural composition, while evolving and adapting to the broader design approach.

The course includes lectures and hands-on assignments done by students in groups. The assignments are based on a conventional construction building studied during the design studios of a previous semester. The design approach of the project places particular emphasis on the construction methods at all stages of the implementation of an architectural project, on the use of materials and architectural planning strategies, on the energy performance of the outer shell, on insulation, on the load-bearing structure, on the cladding components, on the design of special architectural components (stairs, roof), on the use of materials, indicative heating and air conditioning implementation strategies, as well as on the management of construction costs and compliance with the relevant regulations.

The work is illustrated through blueprints of the complete architectural design drawings and construction design specifications, as well as mock-ups focused on typical features of construction interest, usually met at a residential building.


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