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History and Theory of Culture IV

Modernity and Modernism
The fourth semester of History and Theory of Culture will advance the debate on the evolution of cultural phenomena closer to our times. The course will deal with the 20th century from the extreme movements of the beginning of the century to the questioning of the Modern in its end.
The aim of the course is to familiarize students with the latest artistic and cultural phenomena that still shape today's aesthetics. This era contains events still fresh in historical evolution and for this reason the scholar requires sober and critical thinking. Half a century ago, Adorno began his Aesthetic Theory by pointing out that it has now become self-evident that nothing in art is no longer self-evident either in its field or in its relation to the whole, not even the reason for existence her.
Today, the most difficult thing seems to be to define the work of art, despite the fact that the real problem is exactly the opposite: it makes no sense to wonder if a work can be art, since the answer is always affirmative if an "artist" has defined it as such.
The concepts of Modernism and Modernity  
The Manifestos of the Bridge and Blaue Reiter
Futurism-Dada: Art or Anti-Art
Cubism - Russian Avant-Garde
De Stjil  
Abstract Expressionism   
Fluxus and CO.BR.A.  
Art Brut
Performance and Body Art  
Internationale Situatoniste: Critique of the Art of Art  
The Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

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