Undergraduate Studies

School of Architecture - Technical University of Crete

Elements of Surveying – Architectural measured drawings in rural settlements

The course aims at familiarizing students with the process of producing measured drawings of existing buildings, using the tools of contemporary surveying, in combination with conventional architectural recording methods, while also acquainting them with traditional building techniques and the inherent values of vernacular settlements.

Students work in small groups in selected settlements located in the wider area of Chania, in order to produce measured drawings of buildings and open spaces, using conventional surveying methods, in the presence of a surveyor, who introduces them in the theoretic framework of the science of surveying and the contemporary technical means it can provide. In parallel, they learn to use measured drawings as a basic tool for analyzing and understanding historic structures and become familiar with vernacular architecture and its osmosis with polite artistic expression. In this way, they acquire a background of knowledge on issues of typology, construction and architectural forms.


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