Undergraduate Studies

School of Architecture - Technical University of Crete

Visual Arts III Texture – Color

The aim of the course is the exploration of the visual possibilities featured in different materials and textures, as well as the development of skills by students regarding the conception of the unique qualities of each object through their senses. Such approximation with the concept of texture and material aims at cultivating the student’s ability to perceive elements of our natural and artificial environment as visually interesting textures. Through a series of projects, students are required to investigate different visual manipulations, through which textures can be pictured. This process enables their visual imagination by making the function of vision capable of a truly creative conception and depiction of reality.
By studying in color, students understand the basic rules governing the function of vision in terms of the impression that colors and their shades create when we paint.
The course is based on laboratory work and the presence and participation of students is compulsory.
The assessment takes place at the end of each semester by the presentation of all exercises carried out by each student.


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