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School of Architecture - Technical University of Crete

History & Theory of architecture V

Advanced cases of architectural history and theory
This course provides an introduction to a critical consideration of architecture through its   evolution from Prehistoric to the current period. The subject is approached in the light of the ideas which have been considered as foundations for the evolution of civilization (utopia, memory, image – form and content, message – symbol and meaning, ideology and practice etc). Complicated relations between architecture, art, science and society which have formulated the conditions in which architecture has been created over the centuries are analysed with theoretical tools (ideas) from varied fields of research. This approach aims at a multifaceted apprehension of the architectural phenomenon.
History – Memory – Architecture
A “circus” with History, Ordinary (Banal) and Tradition
a.    The beginning of turning to the past and to the postmodernism
b.    Robert Venturi: Complexity and Contradiction, J. Habracken: a collaborative approach to architecture
The quest  of meaning in architecture
The idea of archetype dwelling (house) in contemporary times
The meta- morphological and meta – anthropocentric approach of architecture: a paradigm of dwelling – Peter Eisenman House VI
On Typology I and II
Humanism: Proportions and centric composition –Diagonal reading from antiquity to now
Utopia and architecture: history and considerations

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