Undergraduate Studies

School of Architecture - Technical University of Crete

Architectural technology- special topics in building technology – sustainable design

The course aims to present specialized topics in architectural technology and energy planning, commonly found in large building projects or special buildings. The objective of this course is to teach a methodology that leads to the resolution of structural and technical issues, while also to associate the process of construction with that of architectural composition of increased complexity and aesthetic requirements.

It focuses on presenting specific technological applications as well as specialized techniques, which support the construction of demanding architectural features in the implementation, the calculation of the energy behavior of the building, their materials and technologies that altogether express the desired architectural vocabulary and achieve optimal human comfort conditions.

The course is structured through targeted lectures on specific construction themes that support the previous semester’s design studio project. Students use their design solution for a public building and elaborate it in detail in order to create technical and construction solutions that will support its architecture while, at the same time, ensuring interior comfort while reducing the energy consumption of the building as much as possible.

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