Undergraduate Studies

School of Architecture - Technical University of Crete

Contemporary Architectural Theories

This course examines the postwar architectural theories focusing on the architectural production from 1960 up to nowadays. The aim of the course is to apprehend the content of the representative architectural considerations of postwar architecture and the correlation of the above mentioned content with its greater theoretical and socio-economic background, as well as with its respective practices. The critical approach of contemporary theories concerning architecture will focus on the following: It will attempt to adumbrate an open classification of the postwar architectural theories, revealing the singularity, turning points and critical crossing of features from one theory to another. It will attempt to disambiguate the ambiance (theoretical - philosophical impacts, socio-economic changes, shifts concerning the tools of representation and techniques) related to the produce and interpretation of basic conceptual and compositional priorities of each architectural theory. It will acknowledge the consistency of not between the theory and practice of significant contemporary architects.

The educational objective of the course is to cultivate students' critical thinking and to develop their capacity to distinguish relationships between the theoretical and applied work of important architects of the 20th century. Also their capacity to describe in a structured way the conceptual priorities of significant buildings and their correlation with the theoretical framework that corresponds to them.


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