Undergraduate Studies

School of Architecture - Technical University of Crete

Building Technology: Light, Steel and Timber Structures

This course aims to educate students in the basics of design and calculation methods of Steel and Timber Structures and to an understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of this type of construction compared to the construction of reinforced concrete. The objective of the course is to acquire knowledge on structural design, constructional and engineering problems associated with building design (especially metal and wooden structures), and the acquisition of technical capacity, thanks to which the architect could devise structures to meet the users’ requirements, imposed by cost factors and building restrictions.

Specifically, it analyzes metal as building material, the key elements for designing steel structures as well as loading regulations and the Eurocode 3 structural steel rules for calculating cross-section strengths. For the joints, the basic principles of calculating bolts and welds for wire rods and frame beams are presented. There is also an introduction to the construction of natural and synthetic timber, presenting the key elements of design under the new regulation. Finally, the basic concepts of light construction are mentioned.

Understanding the course material and linking calculations with architectural design is achieved through developing corresponding projects which include designing, creating layouts and solving basic structural elements of a structure.


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