Undergraduate Studies

School of Architecture - Technical University of Crete

Architectural Design Studio VI

The aim of the course is the handling of design issues of increased compositional and conceptual complexity. Dealing with these issues puts the student in a position of managing relations between the architectural and the urban scale. On top of that, the studio’s goal is the identification of individual qualities of an urban or partly suburban environment and the activation of its full potential. This is achieved by processing and reordering the relations between urban fabric and housing, between building and the city and between the private and public realms. Through the design of an urban neighborhood students can develop the skills to:

- process strategic diagrams as flexible means of understanding urban spaces and thus interpreting and intervening onto them
- organize and manage large-scale building systems at the level of urban syntax as well as at the level of typology
- handle the intermediate scale and  process the qualities deriving from the transition between private, semi public and public spaces
- research mass housing conditions and acknowledge the importance of public spaces for collective life

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