Undergraduate Studies

School of Architecture - Technical University of Crete

Introduction to Architectural Professional Practice

The purpose of the course is for students to comprehend adequately the modern state of the architect's profession in Greece but also in the current globalized reality. At the same time, the ultimate goal is to prepare them for a progressive transition from academic life to professional practice realities that will make them competitive in the ever-changing architectural business environment.
The course is weekly and consists of two parts: The first part includes a lecture and the following discussion. The second part has a flexible structure and comprises film screenings, exercises, thematic discussions, etc.

Lecture content:
- the history of the architectural profession and architectural studies. (The medieval master-builders, the Renaissance architects and the establishment of the first Polytechnic School in Paris)
- the establishment of relevant educational and professional bodies in Greece (National Technical University of Athens, Technical Chamber of Greece, etc.).
- practical issues of the daily life of the architectural practice, such as the organization of the architectural project, construction drawings, budget issues, etc.
- the environment of modern design offices
- legislation
- work opportunities in the wider construction industry, CV writing and portfolio composition.


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