Undergraduate Studies

School of Architecture - Technical University of Crete

Theories and techniques in the conservation of buildings and sites

This course aims at building a background of knowledge on the evolution of ideas regarding the protection of architectural heritage and the theoretic principles and methods of contemporary cultural heritage preservation, while developing the ability to shape documented opinions and proposals on the conservation of historic buildings.

Lectures present an overview of the history of architectural conservation from Renaissance to the present day, with emphasis on contemporary trends. They analyze problems and practices in Greece, but also on an international, mainly European, level. They examine texts and conventions that compose the theoretic framework of cultural heritage preservation as well as specific past or current examples of conservation or restoration, with the intention of clarifying the association between theory and practice. In addition, they consider purely technical issues, so as to stress the need to balance theoretic principles with the technical demands and capacities of conservation works. Students are expected to be able to produce documented assessments and put forward proposals for specific conservation problems.


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