Undergraduate Studies

School of Architecture - Technical University of Crete

Visual Arts IV – Color

The Visual Arts IV course, through a series of lectures and projects, explores the distinctive features of color, through a series of contrasts such as: the contrast of color itself, the contrast of light-dark, the contrast of warm and cool colors, the contrast through complementary colors, the simultaneous contrast, the qualitative and quantitative contrast.
The course aims, through the act of painting, to help students understand that the impression that colors make is of decisive importance over the “reality” of colors.
To learn to see and picture the alternation of warm and cool colors or better to translate the tone in warm and cool colors.
To face the unsteadiness of each color and the mutual dependence with its surrounding colors and understand that if the colors surrounding a color, change, then that color is not perceived as the same any more.
To understand that the basic principle of harmony that stems from the law of complementary colors is easy to be perceived when painting, because the eye spontaneously seeks and relates complementary colors.
The course is based on laboratory work and the presence and participation of students is compulsory.
The assessment takes place at the end of each semester by the presentation of all exercises carried out by each student.



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