Undergraduate Studies

School of Architecture - Technical University of Crete

Landscape Design

The course consists in a landscape design studio and researches the relation between natural and humanmade landscape. Landscape is considered as a medium of creating space in the contemporary city. The main aim is to design a site using landscape tools, researching on the process of transformation of natural elements, investigating on practices of environmental design, with terms of sustainability and urban rebirth. The project refers to a site in the city close to a natural element. Issues to be considered are: topography, hardscape - softscape surfaces, vegetation systems as a structural spatial element, flora biodiversity, new-built uses and open-air activities, urban furniture, lighting, water features, ephemeral structures, connectivity and integration in the urban scale. The proposal should respond to urban, environmental and architectural criteria, offering ecological improvement to the site, creating a new landscape that sews former urban discontinuities.

(Issues that are researched are: natural elements and urban tissue, urban and peripheral parks, ecological design, Barcelona’s model, historical gardens and their contemporary aspects, landscape tools of design, urban open spaces and the city, landscape buildings, landscape and memory, interventions on riverbeds, landscape restoration of contaminated sites, landscape as infrastructure.)


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