Undergraduate Studies

School of Architecture - Technical University of Crete

Associative design

The course aims at the fusion of aesthetic and academic architectural studies with the technical and intuitive knowledge of the craftsman and the knowledge of materials and construction processes. All the above are combined with the potential provided by digital technologies towards the relation between the architect and his creations at the level of software as well as hardware. Students are trained in handling complex geometries and forms. They are introduced in a structured methodology of design using specific materials and tools and they are trained in finding dynamic solutions to architectural problems, and in the implementation of models or systems that can respond in different conditions and initial parameters.
The contents of the course are:  the design and implementation of components and assemblies, the distinction between the unique object and the family of forms, topology and its applications in design and construction, invariants and variables, and CAD/CAM applications. The course includes theoretical lectures and seminars concerning software, materials and techniques, and a final project made during the semester by the students. The project concerns the design and construction of a 1:1 scale object by each student team within the capabilities of the digital fabrication laboratory of the school.   


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