Undergraduate Studies

School of Architecture - Technical University of Crete

Planning of Smart and Digital Cities

The course aims at the design and development of pilot projects for smart and digital cities with the focus on the integration of modern technologies in the operation of the city.
During the course the following topics will be developed:
1. Τhe smart city as a strategy for urban development /city planning, urban design and creation of digital communities.
2. International examples and best practices of smart and digital cities.
3.Main technologies and their evolution for the design and development of digital applications for cities.
4.Structure, operation and basic structures of pilot applications of intelligent cities.
5. Innovation maps, typology of strategies and application development.
6. Deepening and proposing solutions in the fields of economy, urban health, urban infrastructure and networks, environment and quality of life, city administration. Technologies, applications, software.

The course is structured upon lectures and a critical reflection of the literature. 
Students will participate in a series of assignments that aim to define the nature of their projects in relation to the current topic of focus.

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