School of Architecture - Technical University of Crete

Dimelli Despina

Associate Professor

Urban Planning

Short biographical note

She has studied Architecture in the Architecture School of N.T.U.A. Postgraduate studies in the programme "Architecture and Spatial Planning: Direction Urban planning” of N.T.U.A (1999-2001), and in the “Environmental Planning of Cities and Buildings” program (2007-2009). She holds a PhD in the Sector of Urban planning (2003-2006) with “Iraklitos” scholarship. 
She has taught in the undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the School of Architecture of NTUA (2003-2009) and in the Faculty of Urban and Regional planning of the University of Thessaly (2007-2008). During the last two years she has taught in the postgraduate course Urban and traffic planning in the Hellenic Open University. Since 2008 she serves the undergraduate and postgraduate courses of the School of Architecture of Technical University of Crete in the field of Urban and Regional Planning.
She participates in Scientific committees of national and international conferences and she is a reviewer in international scientific journals.  She has been a consultant of the General Secretariat of Regional Planning and Urban Environment of the Environment and Climatic Change Ministry and has participated in committees for the Regional and Urban planning Reform and for the planning of industrial units in the Inofita area e.t.c. She is the Scientific Supervisor of the University Internship Program "Acquisition of Academic Teaching Experience in Young PhDs Scientists" and in the "Human Resources Development, Education and Life Sciences". Program. She is the Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Review of the Municipality Urban Plan.
She participates in national and European research programs. Her research work includes chapters in peer-reviewed volumes and publication in international journals and in national and international conferences. She has participated in summer schools and workshops, in international and national student exhibitions and has been distinguished in national architectural competitions.


Research Interests

  • Allocation of urban land uses.
  • Urban planning, principals, regulations and legislation.
  • The interconnection between urban space and ICT.
  • Environmental Urban Planning.
  • Traffic planning.



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