Postgraduate Studies

School of Architecture - Technical University of Crete

Brief History of Postgraduate Studies Program

The School of Architecture of the Technical University of Crete from the academic year 2014-2015 offers Postgraduate Studies Program (P.S.P) in "Spatial Design and Built Environment".  The establishment of the program took place with the M.D. 158923/B7/03-10-2014 (GG 2773/τα.Β’/16-10-2014) as amended subsequently to GG 1310/1-7-2015. Since the academic year 2016-2017 the P.S.P of the School of Architecture was reformed according to the GG 1815/21-6-2016 and awards master of Science ( in the following directions:

From an institutional point of view, therefore, the operation of the program is based on the provisions of the ministerial decision with its subsequent amendments and the internal rules of regulation.

The main features of the P.S.P in the approach and cognitive processing of objects is the interdisciplinarity and multidisciplinarity, the design connection, at all levels, with principles and strategies for sustainability and ecology, the application of innovative practices (intelligent systems, smart materials, robotics) as regards both the architecture technology and the management of the built environment, the endorsement of the cultural landscape and the historic built environment, not only as cultural objects but also, as important factors of economic development.

The main objective of the program is to provide additional supplies and support to the job prospects and career of graduates of the program but also the high-level products development cooperation program graduates with the academic staff of the school in order to produce a research project (presentations at conferences, scientific publications, graduate theses, doctoral theses, reports, etc).

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